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CENGIZ TEKNIK KOMPOZIT SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Serpil ÖZTÜRK    
s technical composite products, natural gas products, substructure products, lighting products, electrical products, electric apparatus, urban furnitures, furnitures, service boxes, various embrasures, pavement embrasures, composite benches, road limit elements, manhole covers, benches, bollards, natural gas boxes, natural gas products, sight hole cover, rainwater grates, tree grate, street light, etange, projector boards, electricity board, gas meter housing, gas meter box, road separator, sidewa, furniture, seat, bench, kitchen cabinet, coffee tables, chairs, tables, chair, table, flower beds, trash cans, kitchen cabinets, trash can, projectors, coffee table, manhole cover, seats, decorative pool, library, electrical board, electrical boards, projector, camellia, decorative pools, urban furniture, electrical product, decorative furnitures, decorative furniture, lighting product, street lamps, libraries, street lamp, camellias, various type embrasures, pavement type embrasures, rain water grids, pavement balustrades, decorative fences, boundary elements, flowerpots, road and pavement elements, composite picnic tables, composite camellias, embrasures, polyester distribution board, natural gas service boxes, valve protection caps, substructure product, service box, various type embrasure, pavement type embrasure, composite bench, road limit element, pavement balustrade, boundary element, modular cabinet, sculpture, decorative element, street-road element, etange armature, cutout boxes, projector and electrical board, street ashtray, flowerpot, decorative fence, composite picnic table, modular cabinets, statues, decorative elements, street-road elements, etange armatures, cutout box, projector and electrical boards, street ashtrays, traffic direction signs, technical composite product, natural gas product, electric apparatu, rain water grid, flower bed, traffic direction sign, road and pavement element, composite camellia, embrasure, polyester distribution boards, natural gas service box, valve protection cap
VITEV CONCEPT        Türkiye     mustafa başak    
s chair, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, hotel furniture
EVRENSEL GRUP ELEKTRIK INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serkan Kuralay    
s electrical products, generators, generator, ups, lighting products, electrical materials
BIMED TEKNIK ALETLER TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s cable fitting elements, electrical products, gland size, gland hawke, swa cable, gland m20, gland brass, gland chart, glanding armoured, cable shroud, electrical glands, gland plastic, parotid, brass, cable selection, adrenal, gland catalogue, proof cable, usb, armoured cable, gland, gland pg, ex cables, cmp cable, gland pvc, groove, gland double, electrical wiring, gland comet, compression, cable dimensions, nickel cable, gland termination, thread, pg thread, cable glands, cable, gas spring, gas struts, compression spring, torsion spring, extension springs, coil springs, spring, tension spring, stainless spring, spring lift, industrial spring, spring wire, small spring, flat spring, springlift, lift supports, custom spring, metal spring, spring steel, lift struts, helical spring, duty springs, spring strut, springs, gas support, lift shocks, gas shocks, stabilus lift, gas damper, spring washer, nitrogen springs, strut, chair cylinder, master lift, replacement gas, locking gas, car strut, lift cylinder, spring stock, stabilus gas, boot struts, hydraulic struts, gas comparison, gas lift, gas, lift o mat, chair gas, adjustable gas, door struts, gas cabinet, gas hinge, chair, automotive springs, lift office, easy gas, lift, strut calculation, hydraulic lift, compare gas, chair piston
ONTEM ELEKTRIK        Türkiye     Kenan Yılmaz    
s electrical products, eletrical materials, socket, plug sockets, electrical socket, power socket, industrial plugs, industrial sockets, power contactor, circuit breaker, contactors, led lightings, led lighting armatures
INCESAN        Türkiye     Vecdi İnce    
s electrical products, electronic products, cam switch, rotary cam switches, change over switch, multi step switch, 1 phase on-off cam switch, voltmetre comutator, motor control switches, 63 amper cam switch, rotary switch, one phase on-off cam switch
MAVIM ELEKTRIK VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fuat Yüksel HAZİNE    
s electrical products, electrical materials, lighting products, led lighting products, lighting armatures, lighting for office, lamps, projectors, projector lighting, lighting for gardens, street lighting products, led lighting, panel lighting armatures
s hardware products, hardwares, screws, hand tools, bolts, fasteners, hoses, trailer equipments, hydraulic pneumatic materials, compressors, pumps, plumbing equipments, plumbing materials, lathe, router, water purification system, chemical products, electrical products
DEHA ELEKTRIK HIRDAVAT OTOMASYON        Türkiye     hasan bakır    
s hardwares, hardware, lighting products, lighting product, electrical products, electrical materials, electrical aramtures, led adaptors, adaptor, parabolic aramtures, led lighting products, automatisation, automatisation products
s electrical products, led lighting systems, led lightings, lighting products, projectors, canopy, led lighting armatures, lighting armatures, street lamps, lamps, wall washer, downlight
EDK ELECTRIC        Türkiye     EYÜP DORUK    
s electrical products, electrical materials, cables, cable, sockets, plug socket, switch plug
YILMAZ ELEKTRIK        Türkiye     Asım Şahin    
s electrical products, electric projects, energy projects, high voltage networks, electric networks, medium voltage networks, low voltage networks
BAYSALLAR REGULATOR        Türkiye     mustafa ayan    
s electrical product, electrical products, voltage regulator, voltage regulators, voltage stabilizer, voltage stabilizers, servo regulator, servo regulators
AKEL PLASTIK        Türkiye     yılmaz davulcu    
s construction products, construction materials, building materials, sanitaryware, plumbing materials, hardware, toilet seat cover, toilet cover, gaskets, seals, bathroom accessories, valves, faucets, electrical products, lighting products, lighting armatures, socket, plug socket, fuse box
s electrical products, electrical materials, electrical fuse, plug fuse, fuse, high-voltage fuses, high-voltage fuse, low voltage fuse, power grid, insulator, insulating sleeve, cable shoe, cable lug, earthing materials, aluminium connector, electric terminal, isolator, medium voltage fuses, isolator
AYDES ELEKTRIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sedat Bıçak    
s electrical products, electrical materials, switch, timer, cables, cable, thermostat, hoses, hose
NEFER ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nermin ŞİRİN    
s electronic products, electrical products, remote control, telecom products, industrial products, automotive products, auto products, laboratory products, power source, power supply, rf remote control devices, gsm controol, gsm remote control, water tank control, water pump control, gsm remote controller, water pump remote controller, water tank remote controller
ASPEL ELEKTRIK ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Selahattin AKSU    
s lifts, lift, lift control boards, led lighting armatures, led lighting products, electrical products, electrical materials, electrical armatures, automatisation boards
YILKAS ELEKTRIK        Türkiye     burhan yıldırım    
s electrical products, electrical materials, hand tools, electrical hand tools, insulation materials, electric motors, insulation boards, insulation plasters, cables, cable shoe, cable lug, connector, led lighting products, measuring equipments, pressbands, pressband, regulators, transformer regulator